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دیگر سایت ها ساعت هوشمند سونتو کتاب پرنده نگری جی پی اس خودرویی نقشه سخنگو اندروید
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Green Box بروز رسانی ساعت های سونتو اسپارتان     Date: 2018/05/26

بروزرسانی ساعت سونتو اسپارتان

ساعت سونتو خود را  با استفاده از از SuuntoLink که روی کامپیوترتان نصب کرده اید به آخرین ویرایش بروز نمایید.


Suunto Spartan software update 2.0


We are thrilled to share that our latest Suunto Spartan software update is ready for you!

(We will begin releasing this update on May 22 and it will be released to a progressively larger audience until it is distributed to the entire Suunto Spartan community by May 24)

Suunto Spartan 2.0 software brings new features we think you'll love:

-Intensity zones for pace and power: in addition to HR zones, you can now define zones for pace and power

-Enriched training targets: Now from the exercise start screen, you can:

  • Set duration or distance targets and follow your progress through your exercise.
  • Set intensity targets: based on heart rate (all activities), pace (running) and power (running and cycling, when a power pod is paired)

We have also enhanced the Suunto Spartan user a with new, more efficient navigation that includes the following highlights:

  • Notification history: from the watch face just press the middle button to see all your recent notifications from your mobile device.
  • Temperature has been added to the outdoor screen (Ultra and Baro models), found by navigating down with the lower right button or by swiping down.
  • Suunto Spartans with Wrist HR now have the Instant HR display directly below the watch face display.

We've also fixed some bugs and made additional performance improvements.

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